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jQuery Notification Bar Header Top Notification

We are creating Notification Bar using jQuery in Header Top of your web site or web page. Creating Notification bar we need to use some fadein, fadeout effect in element to hide or show notification bar.     DemoDownload  … Countinue Reading… »

Remove http, https, www. and Slashes from URL in PHP

Remove http, https, www. and slashes from URL inputted in PHP. When user data (like URL) is get and store into database so at that time need to store a proper URL. So we need to Remove http, https and… Countinue Reading… »

Awesome Animated CSS3 Image Hover Effects Text

Using CSS transition properties to create Awesome Animated CSS3 Image Hover Effects Text. When Mouse hover onto image, text is show animated type display and when mouse focus out automatic animated close back to normal saturation.     DemoDownload  … Countinue Reading… »

How to Setup and Configure WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin

Write proper meta content and have a fully optimized WordPress site using the WordPress SEO by Yoast. I agree with Yoast SEO plugin is most complete and advance in compare of any other. today one of this most popular SEO plugin… Countinue Reading… »

Awesome Animated CSS Button Tutorial and Source Code

Awesome Animated CSS3 Button Tutorial and Code

We create simple 3 in 1 CSS button code using some Advance CSS properties. I will show you here some CSS techniques that you use to easy create Animated CSS Button. so lets start how to create Animated Button under CSS3…. Countinue Reading… »