How to Setup and Configure WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin

Write proper meta content and have a fully optimized WordPress site using the WordPress SEO by Yoast. I agree with Yoast SEO plugin is most complete and advance in compare of any other. today one of this most popular SEO plugin is use to optimized wordpress website post so we are recommended to use this plugin. Many other WordPress plugin like All in One SEO, HeadSpace2 etc. is not more advance in compare of Yoast SEO Plugin.


Let start how to configure Yoast WordPress SEO plugin. first look after successfully install its look like so much complected but in this article is show you how to configure Yoast WordPress SEO plugin.


How to Install Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

First you have to download WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast. Than after install and Activate this plugin as soon as display new Menu SEO in Left side Admin Menu Panel.


Wordpress SEO by Yoast Plugin Left Panel


How to Setup and Configure the Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

First sub menu Dashboard. General setting is configure Webmaster Tools. In this contain insert your meta key code.


Wordpress SEO by Yoast Plugin General Setting


Next second tab Titles & Metas configure. This is very important part to configure Yoast WordPress SEO plugin.  Title and Metas sub menu inside 6 tab menu.


Tab 1. General

General menu is configure to Prevents Search Engines. Following Screenshot desciribe you default setting.


Wordpress SEO by Yoast Plugin Title and Meta Configure


Tab 2. Home

Home page tab menu allow you to set your Home Page Titles, Meta Description and Meta Tag information. following screenshot is describe to how to configure your home page.


Wordpress SEO by Yoast Plugin Home Page Meta Template Configure


But your header.php file title tag code is like

          <?php wp_title('|', true, 'right'); ?><?php bloginfo('name'); ?>


so you replace above code to following code. otherwise Yoast declared Title template with concatenate your website title.

          <?php wp_title(''); ?>


Tab 3. Post Type

Post type tab menu inside you are set Post template, Page template, Media template and other your own created custom post type template you set.


Wordpress SEO by Yoast Plugin Post Page Media Meta Template Configure


Tab 4. Taxonomies

Taxonomies tab menu is generally set your Categories, Tags and your own custom categories set Meta Title, Meta description and Meta keywords template. also you can set the Meta Robots and Meta Box hide or show.


Wordpress SEO by Yoast Plugin Category Tag Meta Taxonomies Configure


Tab 5. Other

Author Post Archives and Date Archives Meta Title, Meta description and Meta keywords template are set. and another one special page like search page or 404 pages Meta template allow you configure.


Wordpress SEO by Yoast Plugin Author Date Archives Meta Template Configure


Tab 6. Help

Help tab is display all variable list and what is the purpose of variable details information are here. My recommended is default setting is set on this all screenshot type. If you need some change you are change variable in your template.



social Sub Menu is set Facebook OpenGraph. OpenGraph meta data add your site’s <head> section. Same way Twitter card meta data add your site’s section. But this is no need for right now so skip this sub menu.


XML Sitemaps

XML Sitemap is auto generate when you install and activate Yoast plugin. Yoast SEO plugin is nice future to Ping this generated sitemap into search engine. After content publication, the plugin automatically pings Google and Bing search engine.


Wordpress SEO by Yoast Plugin XML Sitemap Configure



Permalinks is a basically create a custom URL structure for your Permalinks what you set. check on your left side setting menu inside Permalink. but I suggest you set following screenshot. But Permalinks can improve the usability, and forward-compatibility of your links.


Wordpress SEO by Yoast Plugin Permalinks Configure


Internal Links

Internal Links Sub Menu set Breadcrumbs on your WordPress site. Breadcrumb is show path of your Website home page to current opened page. and this future is also show the search engine. Search engine result also have a Breadcrumb to optimize your site.


Wordpress SEO by Yoast Plugin Breadcrumbs Configure



RSS used to automatically add content to your RSS, more specifically, So your blog back links is helping search engines identify you as the original source content of your website. If you think this is use write your RSS HTML code on this first Text Box. otherwise default setting is no need to change.


Import & Export

You can import the data from your Yoast SEO and also other WordPress SEO plugin HeadSpace2, All-in-One SEO. and Export form current setting of your Yoast WordPress SEO plugin.


Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin Setting on Individual Posts and Pages

Tab 1. General

How to improve blog post on your website its need to write proper Meta information like Meta title, Meta description, Meta keywords and New Focus Keyword. Analyse proper Keywords and post short description and write on here.


Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin Individual Post and Page General Configure


Tab 2. Page Analysis

Page Analysis is show your Meta Contain is how to improve. this is super and best future in Yoast WordPress SEO plugin. So I like very much.


Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin Individual Post and Page Page Analysis


Tab 3. Advanced

Advance tab is if you need change. otherwise set my default setting.


Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin Individual Post and Page Advance Configure


Tab 4. Social

If you want to share your meta description on Facebook or twitter but want another description then write in here. Otherwise blank this two text box.

Configuration is finish. now every post you published take care to write proper Meta Information sure your blog post are optimize.

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin Individual Post and Page Social Configure

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