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HTML body section is a main contain section of web page all contain that will be seen when the user loads the webpage.

HTML body section supported all the contains such as text, hyperlinks, images, Special Character, lists, tables, frames, forms etc.

It's most powerful section and important section to display web page.

Body Section:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/styles.css"> 
<title> Example is Body Section Elements </title> 
  <!-- Body Part -->
  <p> This is Body Section </p>
  <a href="../html_tutorial.php"> goto HTML Index Page </a> 
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Basic Body Section Tags:

Tag Description
<a> Defines the internal link, external link and Subdirectory link.
<br /> Defines the single line break.
<code> Defines the computer code on text base.
<div> Defines the division section in a document.
<form> Defines the HTML form for use in input documents
<frame> Defines the many individual part
<hr /> Defines the horizontal line.
<p> Defines the paragraph in web documents.
<pre> Defines the preformatted text.
<span> Defines a section in a web document.
<table> Defines the table.
<textarea> Defines the multiline text.