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HTML <head> tag is a Container Tag. All Header element contains like general information about page, meta-information, style sheet URL and document type information.

HTML <head> tag inside elements does not display in body part on web browser.

HTML <head> tag inside Elements is <!doctype>, <base>, <link>, <meta>, <title>, <style> and <script>. 

Head Elements Usages

HTML <!doctype> tag use for define a type of document.
HTML <link> tag is use for linked external CSS style sheet, external javascript etc... URL define.
HTML <meta> tag use for improve a rankings in search engines means optimize webpage using proper meta data information.
HTML <title> tag define a document title.
HTML <style> tag is use for write internal CSS inside current document.
HTML <script> tag is use for create a dynamic web pages easy and more flexible in internal and external write a javascript code.

Head Structure

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/styles.css"> 
<title> Example is Head Tag Elements </title>
<script src="javascript.js">
  <!-- Body Part -->

Head Elements

Tag Description
<!DOCTYPE> Defines a document type and write before the <html> start tag.
<head> Defines a harder information about the webpage document.
<meta> Defines meta information use to improve a rankings in Search Engines.
<title> Defines a Document Title.
<link> Defines a URL link using External Style Sheet, Javascript etc..
<base> Defines a base is used to specify a base URL to relative webpage URL links.